Welcome to our helping group.

We designed this program to help those that need help plus those willing to help. We have a donation trakcing software where you will be able to track the transactions in the back office. Our system works as a straight line system.

This is a donation platform. You were invited here because someone cares for you and wants to help you make money with this program.

How does it work?

Cost to join is $25. You will be entered in a 4x1 straight line matrix. Once your position is at the top, members will send you $25 x 4 = $100.

You may purchase another position or upgrade to a higher level.

Our Levels:

$25 x 4 = $100

$100 x 4 = $400

$200 x 4 = $800

This is a team effort. We are working together to achieve success plus we will work on future projects to help you even get paid more.


Please make sure you are assigned under the right sponsor.

Remember, this is a team (company) forced which we work together to acheive success.

With hard work and consistent communication, we can help a lot of people.

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